the family

The Barn at Lone Eagle Landing is owned and operated by the Politte family; Tim, Chelsey, Alex, and Chandler.

It is the mission of the Politte family to provide an outstanding location for your next wedding, corporate event, or special occasion that can be personalized to fit your personality, style, and purpose at an affordable cost.

They will strive to provide the highest level of hospitality and assistance whenever a hand is needed. It is not uncommon to see and speak with not one, but several of the owners throughout the planning process. From the first contact, to the venue tour, through the decorating phase, throughout your event, and at the conclusion. They are there to ensure a stress-free, memorable experience.

  • Tim, father to Chelsey, Alex, and Chandler, designed and constructed The Barn and many of the photo opportunities located across the property himself. He is the visionary behind the barn design, the unique additions, and the future projects. His superb craftsmanship, innovative ideas, and ability to lead are just a few qualities that make him an irreplaceable asset to our team, not to mention the incredible vision of The Barn made into reality with his own two hands. You’re sure to notice the unique design and superior engineering upon your arrival at The Barn.
  • Chandler is the face of The Barn at Lone Eagle Landing. Her business passion is people and that’s where Chandler seems to shine the brightest. She will most likely be socializing and interacting with you throughout the process of booking our venue. Whether it be during the showing, questions you have along the way, or checking in during the decorating process, you will more than likely be speaking with Chandler. Her knowledge about the wedding process combined with her down-to-earth personality, is sure to make you feel like one of the family.
  • Chelsey and Chandler both handle much of the face-to-face contact together, however, Chelsey’s primary responsibilities occur behind the scenes. Whether it be the venue setup, website updates, accounting, or social media posts, Chelsey tends to take care of the majority of those backbone business items, though she works very closely with Chandler. Chelsey’s passion lies in the marketing end of the venue and building a quality family business reputation as well as her attention to detail when it matters most.
  • Alex graduated with a degree in Plant Science: Turfgrass Management from the University of Missouri. He does an outstanding job of making the grounds and surrounding property at The Barn look pristine for those priceless photos that you will cherish for many years to come. Alex also is a master carpenter and helps out with the many projects here at The Barn. He’s one that has a true love for the land, nature, and working with his family. His well-rounded expertise make him a crucial part of The Barn team.

No matter the role or responsibilities, each member of the family takes part in each and every part of the business-- from building projects and ideas, to working with potential bride and grooms, to maintaining the business, each family member works closely with the other and take so much pride in their work at The Barn making each event one to remember.

The Politte family truly is a family of dreamers and doers. They pride themselves on creating a beautiful space, a memorable experience, and a quality relationship with each of their clients and their events. Not only are they building a business, but a wealth of memories as a family. From our family to yours, we look forward to getting to know you and sharing our passion with you!

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